The importance of being cute

Today I overhead S comment: “Arthur will not be able to survive half a day on the streets because he lacks the necessary life skills and instincts”. Needless to say, I was (and still am) highly indignant.

Even if you agree with her (which you shouldn’t) that I am not a good hunter and cannot defend my territory, the point is, I don’t have to fight for survival. The trick, guys, is to be cute. That way, I can just charm the socks off humans and trot home with them.

Why do you think I got adopted instead of the many other kittens available at the SPCA? Well in case any of you require more proof of how absolutely crucial it is to be cute, let me show you. I can even do cute in my sleep.


dsc00347p/s. Ignore the raggedy chair. It is an original piece of art jointly created by me and Diana.


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