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Tail tickler madness

February 1, 2009

The first five minutes…

An hour later…

Two and a half hours later…

Notice how the radio is on? That’s because it is Lunar New Year, and me scared of lion dance sounds =( On the first day it happened I had a great fright and ran away to hide.

It’s kungfu fighting

January 31, 2009

Had to be fast as lightning.

January 31, 2009



Here’s a close-up of what I do. Other things I did today–ate two small meals, pooped, furry mouse boxing, showed off my girly meow. I kind of figured out I can summon J with a meow. It is fun.

Sorry for the bad orange pictures. Better pictures tomorrow when J gets around to it! I have finished exploring the living room and now I’m off to colonize his bed now! Goodnight!

Gimme Mouse! (video)

January 23, 2009


January 18, 2009

The aftermath of my monthly bath…

January 18, 2009

I was really good at first! I allowed Sharon to wet me and lather me up with Kitten Shampoo. But when she started rinsing off the Shampoo, I suddenly realise I might be drowning, and Sharon ended up with wrists that look like a botched suicide attempt.

War cry

January 18, 2009

If you listen really carefully, you can hear my typical hunting chatter!

My family

January 16, 2009

Sharon finally got around to uploading my baby videos. 

This is me, grooming away!

Me and my practically identical lilac sister. I have 3 other lilac brothers, and 2 blue sisters. 

The really big blue guy is my daddy, Duke. 

And here is one of me and my sister with mommy, Sapphire. You can’t see it here, but mommy has really beautiful eyes. 

Exactly 2 more weeks before I finally get to go to my new home!