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For the real Luna fans only

May 23, 2010

5 minutes of grooming!

Girls are really strange

February 24, 2010

She can sniff me, but when I try to sniff back, she stalks off. What is the matter with women??

Monday blues

February 8, 2010


Sorry for the massive mess, we are springcleaning for Lunar New Year!

The most uneventful video ever made

January 16, 2010

Can you hear me screaming with frustration in the background? Arthur is a boring companion!

Cats on Tuesdays

November 24, 2009

COT is hosted by

Arthur is often up to no good. When I want to play, he insists on sleeping. And when I decide to entertain myself, he thinks it would be nice to interrupt.

Arthur aside, I’m getting really good at carrying things in my mouth! I used to only be able to carry my toys for a very short distance. Now I can gallop across the living room with the glittery red ball in my mouth!

Top cat

October 5, 2009


Today for Cats on Tuesdays, we shall have a look at the dynamics of a dual-Cat household.

I have always been very accommodating towards Arthur since I’ve arrived, partly because I was the second Cat, and because I was very much smaller.

Now that I’ve grown big enough to take him on, I’m learning to stand my ground more.

Here is a video of me dominating both food bowls, a sure sign of a new regime!

Share the love

October 1, 2009

There is nothing we enjoy more on a lazy evening than a good combing.

Me and my rubber brush. This is my preferred brush, even though it is not at all effective at removing loose fur. S always uses the Furminator first, and then this nice rubber one to placate my ruffled feelings.

Arthur loves the Furminator.

Forever the odd kitty that no Cat nor Human understands.

Chivalry is dead

July 12, 2009

Arthur is no gentleman.


See how he just sat there and ignored the damsel in distress?

Daddy’s girl

May 9, 2009

While trying to capture the real colour of my eyes, J found an angle of me that looks unmistakably like my daddy Duke! You can click on the breeders’ link on the right and look under Stud to find my daddy and make a comparison.


And here is one of S’ favorite videos of me. She thinks I look awfully pretty in it. Not a very true depiction of my usual behaviour though because I’m really an Energiser Bunny who seldom sits around like that!

Oh, I have also recently learnt to sit very nicely and open my eyes really wide everytime I see J opening the cabinet to get my treats. This adds to my list of Clever Things That I Learnt Myself (because J does not believe in teaching me or Arthur tricks).


I am REALLY good at opening doors now. So if you ever visit, remember to shut and latch the door when you use the washroom! Hehe.

In the past 3 weeks, I have also discovered my meow and have been using it a lot. I heard Arthur is a chatty Cat, and I’m looking forward to some meowingly good debates with him!


March 20, 2009

I just don’t feel like playing!

p/s. Music is to emphasise how anticlimatic I can be.