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Cat rehabilitation

June 10, 2009

J found and packed all my toys today, but I took them out one by one and lost most of them. I also managed to pry open my can of treats, stole some, and hid the lid somewhere in the house. Last night, I was found beside a chicken bone, which I scavenged from the trash. Also, when I was at the vet’s yesterday, I adamantly refused to swallow the de-worming pill.

This is the consequence of my naughtiness:

Photo 144

Nah just kidding! I did do all of the above, but I’m behind bars because……I’m heading to Singapore today! Exciting times. Strangely for a Cat, I am extremely calm and content in my crate. In fact, the bumpy cab ride didn’t bother me one bit. Arthur is a little wimp to be terrified by car rides.