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Wordless Wednesday

December 23, 2009

The Human bolster/pillow series

May 23, 2009

Photo 117

Photo 121

Photo 119

Photo 125

Sorry about the lousy picture quality. These are impromptu snaps using Photobooth!

Miss snuggleton

May 2, 2009

It’s exam crunch time for J and his housemates, but I sure know how to remain the centre of attention i.e. spread myself comfortably across their work table and make cute sounds.


My eventful Saturday

April 26, 2009


Being the regular Snugglepuss. I like having something to hug when I go to sleep. S thinks I am snuggly-er than usual because my Patch makes me cold.

J brought me to the Vet’s today for a post-op checkup. I don’t like the Vet so I refused to come out of my crate and had to be poured out. He also made me open my mouth, which wasn’t very nice of him. Apparently my gums are quite sore because my teeth are trying to grow. He said I’m a little slower than the usual Cat (see why I don’t like him?). To be on the safe side, I am scheduled for another visit soon. Not looking forward to that.

Adding to my already ruffled state, Big Brown Brian (Dog) lumbered over while I was in the waiting room. J said he was just being friendly though. I’m not too sure about that. I think he wanted to eat me.

I sleep like a human

February 28, 2009


I know there are way too many pictures of me sleeping. But really, those are the rare moments where I’m not moving faster than the camera shutter speed. Most of my awake moments are spent either being a spider-cat or galloping around the house making giddy-up sounds like uuuuurr-rooop.

Daddy and I

February 3, 2009

Arthur at 3 months.



And this is me now, also about 3 months old.