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King Arthur

November 6, 2009



This is My Chair, My Living Room, My House.


July 25, 2009

In the spirit of things, since most universities are holding their graduation ceremonies about now:

1) Valedictorian of Cat school.

Luna is barely 9 months old, but to date she has managed to: (a) pry open the plastic lid of Whiskas treats, grabbed a couple of treats and hid the lid, (b) gnawed holes in a pouch of Whiskas food and sucked out the gravy, (c) bite open a packet of dried crab treats and devoured almost everything (this happened just 2 nights ago), and (d) look pretty in all of the above situations.


2) Cat school Dropout.

Arthur literally cannot kill a fly. Last night he saw an insect and gave it such a gentle pat with his paw that it managed to crawl away completely unfazed and absolutely unscathed.


Ooo check out the cavaliar attitude.

Stop poking me!

June 10, 2009




I’m not always in the mood for love!

Different days, same Luna

March 3, 2009



Why do people keep pointing A Camera at me?


Growing up

January 19, 2009



A 1 year old Cat is as old as a 15 year old Human. Although I am only 7 months old, I think it is time for me to practice The Look Of Disapproval that all grown ups have.

The room with a view

December 18, 2008


Check out how much I’ve grown! No longer the baby of the house. Kind of. Okay not really, I’m still very much a baby and I love attention.


I was really really angry at J today because he decided to give me a bath. Apparently both S and J are allergic to me when I’m not bathed frequently? What rubbish. Granted, the bath water did turn grey, but still! The picture above is an example of my naughty/angry ears.


And lastly, here’s a cute picture of me (or in S’s words: “This is Arthur being silly again”). I likey how the world looks like that.

Don’t I look so symmetrical

December 10, 2008


I appeal very much to Sharon’s obsessive compulsivity (is there such a word?).