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May 16, 2009

Today, we thought we would introduce a special friend of ours. Her name is Artemis, and she is now living in Dublin.




Artemis is special because she is the Muse for all of us. S has always been a dog lover and J was always ambivalent towards animals. That all changed one cold blustery Nottingham evening, when they were invited to a little apartment in town for a Crepe Party. That was where they met Artemis, and where they first discovered what great companions Cats make!

You see, that’s the magical thing about us. Everyone knows the old cliche about the Dog being Man’s best friend. But really, we are the best kept secret to a happy home!

The journey thus far

February 4, 2009

Here I am, at 7 months! These are some of my latest pictures.

Sometimes I feel amazed when I think about how far I’ve come. At the shelter, I was adopted by Sharon and Jamin when I was merely 10 weeks old. Given how animals at the shelter have to be quarantined for a week, I was only 9 weeks when I was picked up, probably off the streets? No one really knows where I came from, who my mother was, and what experiences I’ve had prior to my shelter life.


When I first arrived at my new home, I wasn’t really scared because I was so attention starved. I needed to be near people all the time. I was also running a fever and had persistent diarrhoea. At the vet’s, they couldn’t give me the standard pill for the parasite I had that was causing the diarrhoea, because I was too small and underweight such that the pill couldn’t be cut small enough.


Despite everything, I was a heart melter. I craved affection, so I quickly became established as the baby of the household. In particular, Diana took me under her wing and mothered me. I was devastated when she left me, and became very fearful and withdrawn for a couple of weeks. The slightest sounds startled me, and I grew distant and distrustful of humans.


Thankfully, with lots of patience and care, I slowly reverted to my old self. I think I’m a really good cat! I didn’t have to be taught to use the scratching post, never put my claws out at anyone or anything, never hissed, never bit or chewed even when I was teething. I only get sulky when I don’t get enough sleep, and even then I just get moony but never destructive. Oh and I’m getting better with baths although I still don’t fancy them much, but I guess I don’t really have an option there since Sharon is allergic to me.


I did have an overweight phase, but I’m passed that now! I used to have a really round tummy. In fact, Sharon now thinks I’m not eating enough sometimes!


While most cats mellow and become more dignified as they approach adulthood, I am still the same kitten I was when I was 10 weeks. Still loves attention, talkative, not an alpha cat, and loves to play. I like greeting people at the door when I hear the keys. I also like to kiss! In fact, everyone thinks I look better as I grow older!