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Please tell me Friday is coming soon

February 18, 2010


Back at last!

January 23, 2010

We are so sorry for the unfortunately long hiatus. The internet router broke down and Arthur is possibly to be blamed because he is big and heavy but he doesn’t know he is big and heavy. Granted, the router anteanna has my teeth marks on them…I’m gonna change the topic now by showing you a few pictures of Arthur.

Look at the incriminatingly-hefty-router-breaking-behind.

Thanks for still dropping by despite the lack of updates! We are glad to be back!

Yoda luna

January 11, 2010

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Quit staring at my lightsabre. You ain’t comin’ near it. I protect it with my life.

Hey how dare you come nearer! Are you trying to force my hand?

I can do this in my sleep.

Not convinced? Fine. I shall show you a couple of my moves then.

Okay, I’m now bored of entertaining you Humans. Don’t you guys have work or something? I still need my endless supply of expensive food, you know.

Has the moon lost her memory

December 10, 2009

How far back in time can your Cats remember? J’s coming back very soon, and he wonders if I will still remember him!

Colours–A reply

November 15, 2009

What is the big deal about pink paws? I have pink where everyone can see. That is all that matters.




November 13, 2009


I’m not a chocolate pointed Siamese,

Or a great big Orange Tabby Cat.

I do not own a Tuxedo,

And let’s not even talk about Socks.

I’m a little grey girl,

Grey is a boring colour you say?

It’s the colour of dark skies and rainy days,

And dust bunnies that tickle your face.

But I do have paws so pink,

While Arthur’s look like they’re stained with ink!

Looking forward to mid-may and june

May 3, 2009

I know there are several pictures of me along the corridor, all with the signature swishing Tail and tilted head. But hey, why change the tried and tested cute pose?


I don’t like having to share S with exams. Thankfully her last paper is on Tuesday! She told me she will bring Sophie Dog one day too. Which means Melissa and Clement will be coming as well! I like Clement. Melissa makes these realistic Cat  sounds that confuse me greatly though.

Plans are in place for Luna to arrive on June 11! Exciting times. The lucky little princess is flying Singapore Airlines. J has arranged for a pet transport company, the same one that transported Matthan Dog last year. I hope they are nice to her in transit! Now all that needs to be done is for the vet to locate the Chlamydia vaccine for her.

Actually…I have a little secret? I’m mildly apprehensive about meeting Luna. I know I am a whole 4 months older than her, but she is growing bigger really fast? From what I have seen of her, she looks really big and strong and FEISTY. Evidence: one Luna paw = two Arthur paws.

But then again, I really loved it when Diana chased me around the house all day when I was a little boy. I’m lonely sometimes and even though I like Humans, somehow having a Cat friend is different. I miss the snuggly naps. And wrestling sessions where we would roll down the corridor in a black, white and orange bundle. Oh and of course, hatching all sorts of ambush plans together to torment our Humans.

Maybe I am destined to be hen-pecked by my beautiful female counterparts.