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Purple fingers

March 23, 2009


Hello! J’s mom is finally back from London. I was really pleased, because being the clingy baby I am, I don’t like it when the house gets too quiet.

She got me a new toy! Along with my Whiskas milk, and some Whiskas pouches, which unfortunately I didn’t quite fancy.



Cardboard fun

February 14, 2009



The one with the mouse and snake

February 10, 2009

This is a snake that Sharon got me off ebay. She forgot to specify that I wanted a pink one, but this black glittery one is also quite pretty. I haven’t figured out what it is for yet (supposed to be for hugging and kicking). Right now, I’m still in the batting and chasing stage.

My orange mouse!!!  I was really sad two days ago because I lost my orange mouse =( Nobody could find it! So Jamin gave me a new blue one and told me not to lose that again because Sharon got 5 of them, and I’m supposed to save 2 for Arthur.

Sleeping Beauty wakes up

February 3, 2009

Sharon and Jamin were getting slightly worried because I have been so good for the past few days. So last night at 11pm, I finally decided to reveal my true self! 

With a fishing pole toy from Selfridges.

I thought Jamin stole my mouse, hence the indignant meow. 

Jamin doesn’t have school again today due to the snow. It makes me happy to have constant company around the house! I am also eating very well, and often beg for food. 


I often charge over to the food bowl the minute it touches the ground. In my haste, I accidentally left my tail in the water bowl and only realised it (to my greatest horror) awhile later.

Making friends with new toy–slow motion

February 2, 2009








Those of you with feline friends at home, this tail tickler is really effective. Two of these cost $2.90 only! Sharon kept one in the drawer first so that I won’t wear out both at the same time. I’m actually pretty economical with my toys, so maybe Luna can have the one with the pink stick.

Tail tickler madness

February 1, 2009

The first five minutes…

An hour later…

Two and a half hours later…

Notice how the radio is on? That’s because it is Lunar New Year, and me scared of lion dance sounds =( On the first day it happened I had a great fright and ran away to hide.