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Arthur is a big bully

August 18, 2009

In the past week, J and S fostered little Edward before Mel and Clement takes him home. Here is the little one with Tiffany-blue eyes:



Arthur hates him.

Check out how mean he looks.


6kg Arthur hissed and growled so much at poor 1.1kg Edward that we had to separate them. Luna was a good girl at first and bumped noses with Edward, but she soon took her cue from Arthur.

Just look at the two of them in cahoot!



August 3, 2009

Luna finally settled down beside me after a good 6 weeks of me courting her non-stop. See boys, persistence does pay off!

S & J were somewhat resigned that we were never going to be as close as I was with Diana. But hey, all we needed is a little more time.





Sorry for the bad pictures, S didn’t have her camera at hand.

Artemis et nous

June 24, 2009

Can't believe my eyes

A faithful furry follower of our weblog!

Friendly meow

June 14, 2009


This was day 1. Sorry for the blurry picture…S snapped this on her hp in a hurry! If you look really carefully you can sort of see me under the sofa.

Arthur was kind of scared of me at first, even though I was really nice and friendly! It has been three days since I’ve reached Singapore, and after the initial tremulous greeting he gave me, we are finally friends. Friends who chase each other around the house and wrestle for fun. Arthur is a tattle-tale though…every time he loses he will go whining to S and J.

Will post more pictures soon! We are sharing our food/water bowl and litter tray now. It’s less boring now that I have a furry friend!

I like spring

May 24, 2009

As the days get warmer, more Cats come by to say hello to me. Here is a pretty one.


Pretending to be cool while my friend sniffed around in the bushes.


Luna has a boyfriend

May 16, 2009

Recently I’ve been meowing LOUDLY at something outside the window. Today, J finally indulged in my demanding meows and decided to check out what was up. And he found this.

Photo 129

My secret admirer. He just sits outside my window and stares at me!!!