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In trouble

January 9, 2010

Hi guys.

Sorry we have not been updating much. I’ve made the biggest mistake of 2010 (yes I know 2010 just started but I’m already sure nothing can top this).

I knocked into my water bowl (again) and spilled water on the floor, causing J’s mom to fall and break her leg. Everything is chaotic, hence the lack of updates.

This is a Bad Mistake right? And to think my New Year Resolution is to be less clumsy, eat less, and use the litter tray properly. Think I shall go and drown my guilt in food. And practice my “I’m sorry already” face more.


January 2, 2010

Because of the mean things they said of me in last night’s post, I decided to wake J up bright and early by screeching at his door.

Cats on Tuesdays

November 17, 2009

COT is hosted by

People always say I’m an attention seeker who would grab every bit of limelight if I could. Even if it means stealing it from Luna. Especially if it means stealing it from Luna.

But that is not true. Although S thinks the following series of pictures are cold hard proof of the above theory, in reality I’m shielding Luna from The Camera. You see, she hates it.

Taking one for the team.

Yes I am aware there are other pictures like that and that they are all taken on different occasions.

Didn’t manage to get there fast enough for this one!

I’m just doing my part as a friend. Saving a damsel from distress.



Caught red-handed

October 26, 2009

Not supposed to sleep here! But it’s okay, I’ll just flip upside down and look cute. It always bails me out of trouble.


Watering cats

October 23, 2009

I must admit, sometimes we get too carried away with our activities and forget about drinking water. That is not good, especially in the hot humid tropical weather we get here.

S often tries her best to Make Us Drink Water. Well, try it sometimes. It doesn’t work.

I end up playing hide and seek with her around the water bowls.


Arthur misunderstands as usual. He thinks S put him there to get a chair chin-rub.


I’ll let you in on a secret. Most of the time S is right and she makes me realise that I am in fact thirsty. But I’ll stubbornly refuse to drink On Principle. It is not cool to accede to what Humans want us to do.

And the moment we think they are not looking anymore…

Feral felines

October 18, 2009

Today was a really hot day!

Luna was exceptionally active though, which explains why she started panting. Apparently I was wrong to pick a fight with her because it made her pant more.

Well what can I say? Hot weather makes me cantankerous. Anway, I was just horsing around, and Luna got a few punches in as well.

And for that, Luna got an ice cube all to herself.





And all I got was a stern talking to.



Arthur is a big bully

August 18, 2009

In the past week, J and S fostered little Edward before Mel and Clement takes him home. Here is the little one with Tiffany-blue eyes:



Arthur hates him.

Check out how mean he looks.


6kg Arthur hissed and growled so much at poor 1.1kg Edward that we had to separate them. Luna was a good girl at first and bumped noses with Edward, but she soon took her cue from Arthur.

Just look at the two of them in cahoot!


For those who missed me…

August 11, 2009

Here are some recent portraits of me. Noticed how I’m not wearing a collar these days? S and J decided I look nicer this way. Well, I’m not complaining!






Took a car ride in the same crate as Arthur. He has never been good with car rides, so he sat all the way at the back and I cuddled up to him. I think I am very comforting because he did not shriek or whine, which is unheard of!

I am also going through a Phase now. If you stroke me I will slink away in annoyance. However, at around 2am every morning, I will suddenly feel attention-deprived. This is when I sit all 3.5kg of me on sleeping Humans and purr loudly into their ears.


July 25, 2009

In the spirit of things, since most universities are holding their graduation ceremonies about now:

1) Valedictorian of Cat school.

Luna is barely 9 months old, but to date she has managed to: (a) pry open the plastic lid of Whiskas treats, grabbed a couple of treats and hid the lid, (b) gnawed holes in a pouch of Whiskas food and sucked out the gravy, (c) bite open a packet of dried crab treats and devoured almost everything (this happened just 2 nights ago), and (d) look pretty in all of the above situations.


2) Cat school Dropout.

Arthur literally cannot kill a fly. Last night he saw an insect and gave it such a gentle pat with his paw that it managed to crawl away completely unfazed and absolutely unscathed.


Ooo check out the cavaliar attitude.

When things don’t go our way…

July 10, 2009



We sulk.