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Girls v Boys

November 12, 2009

Here is Arthur’s entire grooming routine. Talk about a lack of system. This is the reason why he sometimes Smells Funny.

The only reason why he took pains to clean his face is because that is easy and it feels nice.

I took the same amount of time to groom just my paw. One paw.

And also the mat I’m lying on because I’m a neat little girl.

J and S thinks I bear an uncanny resemblance to my Dad in the video. But I must disclaim! People always look bigger on screen. Applies to Cats too.

Happy valentine’s day!

February 14, 2009


This is how I show my love =)

January 31, 2009



Here’s a close-up of what I do. Other things I did today–ate two small meals, pooped, furry mouse boxing, showed off my girly meow. I kind of figured out I can summon J with a meow. It is fun.

Sorry for the bad orange pictures. Better pictures tomorrow when J gets around to it! I have finished exploring the living room and now I’m off to colonize his bed now! Goodnight!