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An arthur never changes his spots

February 22, 2009


Doesn’t my tail look detachable.

I’m here!!!

January 30, 2009


One of the first things I did was to rock climb up the sofa to explore. Then I realise I can’t get down. So I think I shall sit here and pout.


I’m tiny, aren’t I. Though apparently Arthur was still tinier. This is me exfoliating J’s hand and sneaking a few little bites.


J finally carried me off, but I climbed (Note: climb, like Spiderman, not jump) back up again.


Fed, watered, explored area from sofa 1 to coffee table. All ready to snooze!

12 weeks old

January 22, 2009




8 more days!

Growing up

January 19, 2009



A 1 year old Cat is as old as a 15 year old Human. Although I am only 7 months old, I think it is time for me to practice The Look Of Disapproval that all grown ups have.

Nooooo pictures please!

January 16, 2009


Kelly and Adrian haven’t taken any pictures of me lately, so lest anyone forgets me, here’s one of my perfectly pink paw pads that Jamin took a long time ago.

Is my right ear bigger than my left?

January 16, 2009


Cameo 2

January 10, 2009


No reason, just because I look mighty fine in this picture.

New tag!

January 8, 2009




New fishbone tag and new collar, all decked out and ready for Chinese New Year. Sharon got a daisy print collar and a crown tag for Luna. Jamin and I both think that she is using us cats as legitimate justifications for her shopping addiction.

My favorite cuddle chair

December 28, 2008





Everyone refers to this particular chair as the “magic chair”. Although I am a really friendly cat and I love cuddles, I still have my independent moods you know? But chances are, even when I’m in A Mood, I will still jump onto your lap if you sit on this chair and call my name.

The following picture is specially for Sophie’s mummy, because she insinuated that I have a big tummy.


Actually, I was in that position because I fell back asleep mid-stretch. It happens quite a lot.

Today, J and S went for lunch at Da Paolo and they found this little pet shop that sells tons (well by Singapore standards) of pedigreed cats! There were Ragdolls, Birmans, British Shorthairs, Bengals, Persians, Russian Blues, Exotic Shorthairs and Maine Coons! Basically all the breeds that S considered when she was hunting for a sister for me. The Coon was seriously massive and really gorgeous in a crazily ostentatious and majestic way. But I think she is glad she chose Luna, a BSH, because they look amazing in real life even without all the fanfare of a Coon!

The manly way to sit

December 26, 2008