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Is this better than your Human Economy Class?

May 13, 2009

J and S knew I have a Shy-ness problem with foreign objects, so they got the pet transport company to courier my box earlier so that I have enough time to make friends with it. The easier way would be to use my existing crate, but given the rate of my growth, they decided to go with a bigger one. Even though I’m kind of shy, they felt they could capitalise on my curiosity.

And it worked.


Slightly worried at first…



Settling in!


J also made it a point to check for any splinters. See, that’s why I adore him.


S thinks my face is changing again. She thinks I have a scrunchy nose now. Do I?

Cute works everytime

April 17, 2009

Yesterday, I broke the second of the only two Guinness glasses J and S lugged all the way back from Dublin. Both accidents can be attributed to me being nosey. I was a tiny bit remorseful…so I played my cute trump card.


See, it never fails to get me out of trouble. Even after messing up my litter tray area for the 20000th time!

Can anyone ever stay mad at me? *insert angelic face*


March 7, 2009


What big eyes you have

March 4, 2009

Just to give an idea of what my furniture looks like. The crate is actually not my bed, but Jamin leaves it open so that I’ll get used to it and not make a fuss when it comes to transporting me around.

The litter track mat is one of the best kitty innovations! It removes the little grains from my paws after I use the potty. 


Slowly shedding the baby cat look. More rounded head, rounded whisker pads, rounded eyes. My eyes are turning a deeper orange everyday.


This crate is still really roomy for me, but in the future I’m going to swap crates with Arthur. He now has the big one but it doesn’t look like he will ever grow into it. He is a small cat.