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Cats on Tuesdays

December 7, 2009

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Today’s theme should be Silly Cats on Tuesdays.

Arthur likes to posture and he tries very hard to appear powerful and manly. For example, he always attempts to get to higher ground to mock my short legs and also to get the upper hand.

It doesn’t always have the effect he desires.

I was so unimpressed by him that I fell asleep in the middle of our staring competition.

He fell asleep too, because he was stuck and could not get down.

Close ups…

Cats on Tuesdays

November 24, 2009

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Arthur is often up to no good. When I want to play, he insists on sleeping. And when I decide to entertain myself, he thinks it would be nice to interrupt.

Arthur aside, I’m getting really good at carrying things in my mouth! I used to only be able to carry my toys for a very short distance. Now I can gallop across the living room with the glittery red ball in my mouth!

Cats on Tuesdays

November 10, 2009

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I hate it when Luna takes My Chair.



Don’t you think it is awfully rude of her to make herself so comfortable on My Chair?



I tried reasoning with her but she ignored me. She’s been doing that a lot lately. I wonder what it’s all about.

So I had no choice but to use the couch.

I tried my best to look really cute so that S would make Luna give me back My Chair. But she thinks I should be a man and get it back myself.


I thought about it, but well, I fell asleep.


After awhile, Luna finally left My Chair. She said she was done making her point, but I still don’t know what that is.

I’m glad to have My Chair back, but I wasn’t very sure if I liked it as much anymore. Luna left her Synthetic Teddy Bear Smell all over it!



I had to contemplate for about 30minutes.

Really, I don’t see all this hype about how she smells like a Synthetic Teddy Bear. S always turns her nose up at me and says I am Smelly Like Cat Food. But at least, that’s a Cat Related Smell.

Cats on Tuesdays

November 3, 2009


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Today’s COT is about the Cat with the Waggedy Tail.


The Cat may sleep, but the Tail never rests.

Cats on Tuesdays

October 27, 2009


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As usual, Arthur fell asleep and forgot what day it is.


I had to wake him up to blog for COT. As you can see, he was not too pleased about it.


Why is he still not budging? We are going to miss the deadline at this rate.


Move it, you lazy boy!


Cats on Tuesdays

October 20, 2009


Even pretty little girls like me…





Have our off days.



J thinks I need to go to finishing school.

Cats on Tuesdays

October 13, 2009


A lot of times, we don’t stay still for the camera. In fact, we really like to walk towards it! Especially when we are feeling starved for food or attention.

Which results in plenty of such alieny pictures.



Top cat

October 5, 2009


Today for Cats on Tuesdays, we shall have a look at the dynamics of a dual-Cat household.

I have always been very accommodating towards Arthur since I’ve arrived, partly because I was the second Cat, and because I was very much smaller.

Now that I’ve grown big enough to take him on, I’m learning to stand my ground more.

Here is a video of me dominating both food bowls, a sure sign of a new regime!

Cats on Tuesdays

September 28, 2009


All Cats have different hobbies. That is what makes us special!

While I enjoy a tail tickler from time to time, a round light ball that moves swiftly with a touch is always my favorite toy.

I like these furry ones because I can carry them out of difficult corners with my mouth.



My orange pingpong ball is pretty good too. It moves quickly enough, and it makes A Nice Rattling Sound.


I love them so much that I tend to get a little possessive. And mind you, I must be the least territorial Cat you can ever find.


Arthur can’t play with these because they move too fast for him. But I think I shall hug them to sleep anyway.


You know, just in case.

Cats on Tuesdays

September 21, 2009


First post for Cats on Tuesdays! S decided to go with the orange theme.


Aren’t the flower prints on the sofa throw pretty? They sure bring out my eyes.


The purpose of the picture above is to showcase my big paws. But I digress.

Orange eyes!


Oops, squinty moment.



And this is Arthur’s rendition.

He got a little upset (check out his expression) because S carried him around in the basket. To be fair, he got in there himself in the first place.