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A typical Luna-day

March 10, 2009

Sharon decided to rest her brains this evening, so here is a massive post on what it is like to be me. I hear there will be an Arthur edition soon!

Every morning, Jamin wakes up to a purr-y me. These days, I seem to be running on an Energiser battery, so I usually don’t sleep when the Humans sleep. But when I’m finally tired, I will potter into the bedroom and sleep on Jamin’s pillow. As you may remember, Sharon did buy me my own, but it is my opinion that Human pillows are nicer. 

As everyone rises and shine, the activity in the house increases. This gets me very excited, and I really do like to join in the fun. Currently, the vent under the refrigerator holds great unsolved mysteries for me. I’m also insatiably curious about what the Humans are doing on the Stove and Sink. I am kind of too short to see. 

After breakfast is a quiet time. I usually settle down somewhere after my breakfast and sleep till Jamin comes home. I’m always very delighted when he does, because it means one thing…PLAY!

Because I am still a rather small kitten, I get tired quickly after an intense period of play. My energy level wanes but I am still playful, so I resort to rolling around on the couch. I am very twisty.

And one thing leads to another…

An afternoon snooze makes a little cat like me very happy. And a happy cat is a purring cat.

Sometimes after a nice long nap, I will explore the house. No matter which nook or cranny I am in, I will come running when Jamin calls.

Soon after my dinnertime, the Humans will watch Football and I will tag along. This is quite a routine during this time of the year because there are many Leagues (I don’t really know what this is) and Cups (I broke one the other day) at this time of the year. 

So that is my day! It’s not bad being a little cat, isn’t it? I wonder how my brothers and sisters are doing!