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Dominant baby gene

April 19, 2009

Since day 1, I’ve been using the same methods to get what I want.

1) Whine plaintively. Must remember to maintain eye contact. This works better on indulgent older Humans (hehe). S doesn’t buy it and she’ll just talk back at me.



2) Play my once-abandoned-in-SPCA card. Look small and upset. This tends to work better!


I’ll be a year old in June but nothing has changed, except my size. Some detractors (ooooo see I know some big words…it helps to sit on read the newspapers sometimes) of sterilisation claim that we become lazy and boring after the procedure. That is not true at all! Okay maybe we do tend to put on weight more easily, but temperament wise, I’m still as clingy affectionate and insanely playful active as when I was 2 1/2 months old. So those of you keeping us as pets, remember to sterilise! There is really no good reason not to do so.

January 31, 2009



Here’s a close-up of what I do. Other things I did today–ate two small meals, pooped, furry mouse boxing, showed off my girly meow. I kind of figured out I can summon J with a meow. It is fun.

Sorry for the bad orange pictures. Better pictures tomorrow when J gets around to it! I have finished exploring the living room and now I’m off to colonize his bed now! Goodnight!

I love my cat tree

January 14, 2009