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We have been really busy because it’s the Luna(r) New Year, so here’s a video taken last week. It shows 3 minutes of our mundane lives, and it also evidenced Arthur’s less than adept toilet habits. 

On a sidenote, we always eat from the centre of the bowl and leave the remaining food in a ring. Is this typical?


9 Responses to “Cat on Tuesdays”

  1. Sharon Wagner Says:

    Luckily my cat’s litter box habits are steller.

  2. TT&TOT Gang Says:

    That’s so funny about the way the food’s arranged. I couldn’t get the clip working on my computer, stupid computer!

  3. Luna Says:

    That is a real funny behavior on the litterbox.
    We don´t leave much food in our bowls so we don´t know if it is in a ring.
    *Happy Tuesday*

  4. Mary Says:

    Cute video 🙂 I wonder what cats would video tape of us, if they could?

  5. The Chair Speaks Says:

    Arthur is so gentle in pawing at the litter unlike some who is so aggressive that even the litter box go flying. And you can imagine the mess.
    Guess the cats are smart by eating from the centre so their face would be clean without touching the sides of the bowl.

  6. Katz (And Other) Tales Says:

    We eat from the centre out too; it’s cattiquette! That litter box vid is funny – unless it’s you in there…

  7. Gattina Says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t see the video very well, but I read the other comments ! when Rosie or Pookie are in the litterbox the sand is flying and they both do a real mess and they take a lot of time to bury their business !
    That’s funny that they arrange the left overs in a circle, lol ! It’s just like Rosie who puts her mousies around the foot bowls, funny cats !

  8. clement Says:

    Edward leaves his food in a crescent!


    This is interesting how they eat from the middle and make a circle in the
    bowl with the dry food! The morsels must taste better from the middle????

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