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Wordless Wednesday

January 27, 2010

Arthur on Tuesdays

January 26, 2010

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Oh hello, I didn’t see you there!

I was just in the middle of my big afternoon snooze! =)

You may have read that I have been recently put on a diet. Is it starting to show? Methinks I look leaner and fitter now.

If you happen to agree, will you put in a good word for me? Maybe then this diet can end! I’m suffering here..

Have a few cat smileys to last you through your week! =)


January 24, 2010

Just the other day, I fell into a gap between the couches and a display cabinet. Very grainy picture because it was completely dark.

I didn’t want S to laugh at me, so I pretended I didn’t need help. 


Back at last!

January 23, 2010

We are so sorry for the unfortunately long hiatus. The internet router broke down and Arthur is possibly to be blamed because he is big and heavy but he doesn’t know he is big and heavy. Granted, the router anteanna has my teeth marks on them…I’m gonna change the topic now by showing you a few pictures of Arthur.

Look at the incriminatingly-hefty-router-breaking-behind.

Thanks for still dropping by despite the lack of updates! We are glad to be back!


January 17, 2010

We don’t know what to say about this photo. It’s simple and commonplace, yet breathtakingly flawless at the same time. Everything fits.

S is also obsessed over the window blinds.

Credits to Jennie for the photo and Kim for posting it on her website.

The most uneventful video ever made

January 16, 2010

Can you hear me screaming with frustration in the background? Arthur is a boring companion!

Wordless Wednesday

January 13, 2010

Yoda luna

January 11, 2010

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Quit staring at my lightsabre. You ain’t comin’ near it. I protect it with my life.

Hey how dare you come nearer! Are you trying to force my hand?

I can do this in my sleep.

Not convinced? Fine. I shall show you a couple of my moves then.

Okay, I’m now bored of entertaining you Humans. Don’t you guys have work or something? I still need my endless supply of expensive food, you know.

O miserable diet

January 10, 2010

Ever since we have been to the vet, S has been a Cruella when it comes to food. Apparently, the vet (oh what does she know) said I am Overweight. In capital letters and red font colour no less.

I resent this Situation very much.

J is starting to waver because I do a good Sadface. But S says it is for my own good.

Women are wicked.

How can anyone deny a Cat who sleeps like this??

In trouble

January 9, 2010

Hi guys.

Sorry we have not been updating much. I’ve made the biggest mistake of 2010 (yes I know 2010 just started but I’m already sure nothing can top this).

I knocked into my water bowl (again) and spilled water on the floor, causing J’s mom to fall and break her leg. Everything is chaotic, hence the lack of updates.

This is a Bad Mistake right? And to think my New Year Resolution is to be less clumsy, eat less, and use the litter tray properly. Think I shall go and drown my guilt in food. And practice my “I’m sorry already” face more.