Nuggets Part 2: Buying a Pedigree


Let’s face it, almost all of us love a good pedigree. Although many naysayers think it is selfish to buy a ped when there are so many homeless and abandoned moggies out there (and they are not wrong), I think the key is responsible breeding.

One huge advantage of getting a pedigree is knowledge of its history. I came to J & S with a complete chart of my parents and grandparents. My temperament is also largely predictable and consistent with my breed.

To get these advantages, I cannot stress the importance of doing your research well and finding a good breeder. Always ask for a pedigree tree of sort, so that your ped’s history and lineage is clear.

Do not buy from pet shops! If you are going to pay through your nose, make sure you don’t end up with a quiet Bengal, a tiny Maine Coon or a scowling Ragdoll.


Personally, I think a ped is a good addition to a household that already has other creatures. Take for example, Arthur. With the demise of Diana who was essentially the whole of his world, he has became an extremely jumpy and somewhat neurotic Cat who hates being alone but also dislikes other four-legged creatures.

As you can probably imagine, it was not easy finding a good fit. Getting a ped offered a solution, and S found me after spending many hours trawling through books and the internet.


Talk to the breeders you have shortlisted. Ask many questions. The good ones will reply your questions with patience, because they love their Kittens and want them to go to good homes. Of course, you might meet some strange people too. A particular Maine Coon breeder actually said she would not sell her Kittens to Singaporeans. Now now, that was catty! We are pretty sure that breaks a good number of discrimination laws.


Finally, do plan your finances properly. A ped does not come cheap. The initial outlay aside, do think about whether you can afford the upkeep that often comes along with getting a ped–vet fees, grooming fees, premium food and so on. A bad economy is not a good excuse for abandoning your Cat!


This post is specially dedicated to Adrian and Kelly. Thanks for making sure I turned out healthy and beautiful without a bad-tempered bone in me, and for finding me a good home!


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