Cats on Tuesdays


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Today’s COT is about the Cat with the Waggedy Tail.


The Cat may sleep, but the Tail never rests.


6 Responses to “Cats on Tuesdays”

  1. Bonnie Bonsai Says:

    That is so cute! He seems to be a very good cat too.

  2. AL Says:

    Hahaha yes they always do that! I just don’t know if they are really asleep or just pretending. Well we’ll never know, ‘cos they say I wiggle my toes when I am asleep. Haha.

  3. cindy Says:

    How cute! And he is asleep. amazing. Pretty too.

  4. CatSynth Says:

    Looks very peaceful and restful, even with the wagging tail.
    I don’t recall seeing our Luna’s tail wagging when she naps, but I’m sure it does sometimes.

  5. Ginger Says:

    Wow! That cat is so busy while sleeping! He’s beautiful.

  6. vmlay Says:

    So cute! I love the video of the wagging tail 🙂

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