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Photoshoot series: Thanksgiving basket

November 30, 2009

What did you guys have for Thanksgiving? S and J had Cats-In-A-Basket. Hope everyone had a good turkey stuffed weekend!

Photoshoot series: On a feather high

November 28, 2009

Insert lots of loud growling.

What can I say, I’m very possessive over feathery toys, even though they belong to the photographers and are not mine. I even threw a massive hissy fit towards the end when they took the toys away from me.

Roller chair hazard

November 27, 2009

I like to hang around S when she works. She says if I continue doing it so quietly, one day I will end up with a flattened paw. Well, at least my tail would be safe.


Wordless Wednesday

November 25, 2009

Cats on Tuesdays

November 24, 2009

COT is hosted by

Arthur is often up to no good. When I want to play, he insists on sleeping. And when I decide to entertain myself, he thinks it would be nice to interrupt.

Arthur aside, I’m getting really good at carrying things in my mouth! I used to only be able to carry my toys for a very short distance. Now I can gallop across the living room with the glittery red ball in my mouth!

Photoshoot series: Possible Passport Photos

November 23, 2009


Check out how the vain Mancat works the camera.

And here’s mine:

I’m usually a little camera shy…unlike Arthur, I don’t revel in the bright lights or live for those moments amidst the flashing bulbs. Besides, S agrees with me that I usually look much better in real life than in photos.

Nevertheless, I must say Li Lia did a great job! I like her, she’s really sweet. So those of you want photoshoots, do get in touch with Timeless Treasure Photography. And no, I did not get paid in Cat Food or in kind for saying nice things!

Like a mouse

November 21, 2009

Unlike Arthur who likes sleeping in wide open spaces, I prefer to rest in little nooks. This way, no one would disturb my beauty sleep with unnecessary cooing and stroking.

Laundry day

November 21, 2009

My round Ikea rug was in the wash. This is when I suddenly realise I don’t like the chair as much without it.

So I tried my best to perch on the remaining pillows.

It was a rather tight fit and I could not sleep properly.


Curly tails of happiness

November 19, 2009

One perfect stripey circle.

Haha, Arthur’s isn’t long enough to complete the circle.

Wordless Wednesday

November 18, 2009