Cats on Tuesdays


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As usual, Arthur fell asleep and forgot what day it is.


I had to wake him up to blog for COT. As you can see, he was not too pleased about it.


Why is he still not budging? We are going to miss the deadline at this rate.


Move it, you lazy boy!



5 Responses to “Cats on Tuesdays”

  1. Pam Says:

    I’d rather sleep than have made picture made too! What cuties they are!

  2. vmlay Says:

    Ahh, he looks so tired — kitties need so much rest you know if they are to cope with blogging and deadlines šŸ™‚ Very cute!

  3. vmlay Says:

    oops, meant to leave a link to my kitties Tuesday post — sorry about that!

  4. Julie Says:

    Lol that video is too cute! I do believe he is twitching that tail on purpose. šŸ˜‰

  5. Luna Says:

    This is a cute video. Waking up for COT posting? Poor Arthur! He looks very tired!

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