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Nuggets Part 1: Adopting a moggie

October 1, 2009

We thought it would be good to come up with little Nuggets Of Information for Humans who are considering about getting a feline master. In Part 1 of this series, Arthur will be talking about Adopting A Moggie, because well, he is the moggie in the family.


When most people visit their local SPCA, they usually have some idea of what they are looking for–a particular breed, colour, age, gender. Of course it is perfectly fine and normal to go with a list of requirements at the back of your mind. But don’t be surprised if you go with the intention of adopting a striped ginger boy preferably with socks and a long orange tail and end up leaving with a scrawny smelly white boy with black spots, no socks and a medium length tail! Oh and with explosive diarrhoea and ear mites. True story.


(My tail is not really that short; it was just wagging too fast for the camera.)

Tail lengths and colour do not matter as much as temperament. When we talk about temperament, people usually characterize us into Good Temperaments and Bad Temperaments. The lines are actually finer than that.

Cats traumatised by bad experiences aside, most of us are Good. The temperament selection process is actually very specialised; you have to find a Cat that will fit with your personality and your lifestyle. This assessment is easier to make for adult Cats. For Kittens, it is a little like buying lottery. Nevertheless, if you spend enough time observing us carefully, you will be able to discern the differences in our personalities.


(The Mouse had my basket, so I had to take the box.)

Temperament and looks aside, the next thing on your checklist should be health. Most Cats in your local SPCA have gone through a series of health checks. Nevertheless, the truth is most Kittens will get diarrhoea the first week or so when you bring them back. Oh and earmites. Do not let this detract you from adopting though! These are very common ailments and can be easily treated. Just be aware that these problems can surface and do not send us back to the SPCA immediately. We may be a little ill (hey try living in a pound), but we are not defective.


(Oh shucks, how do I get down from here?)

Also, it is no myth that adopted Cats are more grateful for their second chance. I followed S like a hungry shadow for weeks, and had to sleep on J every night.


(What do you mean I am not allowed up here? Sorry, didn’t get the memo.)

Finally, people who don’t give Moggies like me a second look usually prefer Pedigrees because they have more predictable characters and personalities. I do admit I have my quirks–I need as much attention as a Human child, I have the personal hygiene of a Canine, I literally jump straight into the air when surprised. Quirky yes, maybe even odd as Luna might say, but hey, that makes me interesting! Right?

Alright folks, that’s all for now! I think this is probably the wordiest post I’ve ever written. Whew. Stay tuned for Nuggets Part 2, where Luna will present her story on Buying A Pedigree.

I shall go snooze now.


Have pink dreams!

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October 1, 2009

There is nothing we enjoy more on a lazy evening than a good combing.

Me and my rubber brush. This is my preferred brush, even though it is not at all effective at removing loose fur. S always uses the Furminator first, and then this nice rubber one to placate my ruffled feelings.

Arthur loves the Furminator.

Forever the odd kitty that no Cat nor Human understands.