Cats on Tuesdays


All Cats have different hobbies. That is what makes us special!

While I enjoy a tail tickler from time to time, a round light ball that moves swiftly with a touch is always my favorite toy.

I like these furry ones because I can carry them out of difficult corners with my mouth.



My orange pingpong ball is pretty good too. It moves quickly enough, and it makes A Nice Rattling Sound.


I love them so much that I tend to get a little possessive. And mind you, I must be the least territorial Cat you can ever find.


Arthur can’t play with these because they move too fast for him. But I think I shall hug them to sleep anyway.


You know, just in case.


3 Responses to “Cats on Tuesdays”

  1. MonikaRose Says:

    Hello, gorgeous pictures for COT this week. I especially like the last one. So at peace 🙂 I have not seen my Puddy cat Puss obsessive over anything only Chicken Necks, he hisses and spits when my dog Mitzy is near when he is eating them, it is so hilarious. Thank you for sharing 🙂 ENjoy your day.

  2. Gattina Says:

    I have to say that the little orange ball fits very well with your fur ! You look like a still life, lol !

  3. CatSynth Says:

    Those are great photos.
    We’re always happy to meet other cats named Luna out there. 🙂

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