I spy something with my orange eyes.


It is furry,

It looks alive!


Look, it is there up high.


So I crane my head with all my might.


Crafty and taunting it may be,


It can never escape


It’s pancake fate!



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2 Responses to “Smackaroo”

  1. Adrian & Kelly Says:

    We just popped on to see how Luna is doing and we must say she is simply stunning !! We don’t know what your feeding her over there but can you send us a box full please . We will send some pictures over of Dad soon , he is just putting his winter weight on now so will forward them when he has filled out .

  2. dumbdolly Says:

    Hello! Yes she is pretty isn’t she! We have been receiving a lot of compliments about her. Actually she isn’t photogenic…looks way way better in real life! Haha currently we are giving her a dry food called Fish For Cats. And we would love to see pics of Dad! Hope all is well at your side.

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