The men don’t get it

Look what I found while trawling the net:

Sometimes I wish Arthur would just stop being a baby. I am 5 months younger than him, but I’m way braver than him! He makes a huge ruckus during bath times, and nothing would distract him from feeling immensely sorry for himself.

Afterwards, he would be all boring because he wore himself out from all the meowing.


See, he doesn’t even bother when Humans make him pose with all these silly objects.



Oh well I guess at least now he is white and dust-free (he is a bad self-groomer). I also don’t understand why he chooses to dry himself in the middle of the living room. Doesn’t it make more sense to sit in a sunbeam by the window?

P1040606Boys are really odd, aren’t they?


On a sidenote, my eye colour is deepening as the days go by. The colour is more intense in real life. Thumbs up for Adrian and Kelly’s breeding program!

J is completely taken by me because I love him the most, so I tend to be really sweet around him. I am somewhat brattier with other Humans, but S thinks this is normal. She has a theory that all girl Cats go through a bratty stage where they think they are the cleverest Cats around.

But I am the cleverest.

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