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July 25, 2009

In the spirit of things, since most universities are holding their graduation ceremonies about now:

1) Valedictorian of Cat school.

Luna is barely 9 months old, but to date she has managed to: (a) pry open the plastic lid of Whiskas treats, grabbed a couple of treats and hid the lid, (b) gnawed holes in a pouch of Whiskas food and sucked out the gravy, (c) bite open a packet of dried crab treats and devoured almost everything (this happened just 2 nights ago), and (d) look pretty in all of the above situations.


2) Cat school Dropout.

Arthur literally cannot kill a fly. Last night he saw an insect and gave it such a gentle pat with his paw that it managed to crawl away completely unfazed and absolutely unscathed.


Ooo check out the cavaliar attitude.