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July 28, 2009

The Reds came to town last weekend, and I wanted to show-off my own dribbling prowess. Unfortunately I was too sleepy when this video was taken.

I know this looks more like Rolling Around instead of Football, but I am usually much better than this. Really!


July 25, 2009

In the spirit of things, since most universities are holding their graduation ceremonies about now:

1) Valedictorian of Cat school.

Luna is barely 9 months old, but to date she has managed to: (a) pry open the plastic lid of Whiskas treats, grabbed a couple of treats and hid the lid, (b) gnawed holes in a pouch of Whiskas food and sucked out the gravy, (c) bite open a packet of dried crab treats and devoured almost everything (this happened just 2 nights ago), and (d) look pretty in all of the above situations.


2) Cat school Dropout.

Arthur literally cannot kill a fly. Last night he saw an insect and gave it such a gentle pat with his paw that it managed to crawl away completely unfazed and absolutely unscathed.


Ooo check out the cavaliar attitude.

Any sponsors out there?

July 20, 2009

I could really do with a lifetime supply of these little wooly balls. I keep losing them around the house and I get Grumpy And Very Mean when I don’t have one to play with.





July 17, 2009


Chivalry is dead

July 12, 2009

Arthur is no gentleman.


See how he just sat there and ignored the damsel in distress?

When things don’t go our way…

July 10, 2009



We sulk.


July 5, 2009

Most Cats have a little of Garfield in them.

I just have more of it in me. Just the soft lazy part, not the grumpy part.