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Deep in thought

May 16, 2009


Thinking about how to impress Luna. It’s gonna be tough because J says her Window Boyfriend (see two posts down) is very manly looking. This dating game can be hard on little boys like me, you know?


May 16, 2009

Today, we thought we would introduce a special friend of ours. Her name is Artemis, and she is now living in Dublin.




Artemis is special because she is the Muse for all of us. S has always been a dog lover and J was always ambivalent towards animals. That all changed one cold blustery Nottingham evening, when they were invited to a little apartment in town for a Crepe Party. That was where they met Artemis, and where they first discovered what great companions Cats make!

You see, that’s the magical thing about us. Everyone knows the old cliche about the Dog being Man’s best friend. But really, we are the best kept secret to a happy home!

Luna has a boyfriend

May 16, 2009

Recently I’ve been meowing LOUDLY at something outside the window. Today, J finally indulged in my demanding meows and decided to check out what was up. And he found this.

Photo 129

My secret admirer. He just sits outside my window and stares at me!!!