Daddy’s girl

While trying to capture the real colour of my eyes, J found an angle of me that looks unmistakably like my daddy Duke! You can click on the breeders’ link on the right and look under Stud to find my daddy and make a comparison.


And here is one of S’ favorite videos of me. She thinks I look awfully pretty in it. Not a very true depiction of my usual behaviour though because I’m really an Energiser Bunny who seldom sits around like that!

Oh, I have also recently learnt to sit very nicely and open my eyes really wide everytime I see J opening the cabinet to get my treats. This adds to my list of Clever Things That I Learnt Myself (because J does not believe in teaching me or Arthur tricks).


I am REALLY good at opening doors now. So if you ever visit, remember to shut and latch the door when you use the washroom! Hehe.

In the past 3 weeks, I have also discovered my meow and have been using it a lot. I heard Arthur is a chatty Cat, and I’m looking forward to some meowingly good debates with him!

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