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April 25, 2009

I was spayed on Wednesday and although I’m all spritely and greedy again, there shall be no pictures of me until my Patch grows back (or unless I am photographed at a good angle). You see, the vet decided to open me up on my left side instead of from my belly, so I have this rather large bald Patch now. J had a rude shock when he collected me from the vet. S is especially upset because I am now assymetrical and that offends her obsessive compulsiveness.

So while I am off my modelling duties for now, I thought I should share some pictures of Stewie and Oscar! They belong here: . Jenny keeps a lovely home with lovely pets. She also creates the cutest craftsy things.

The theme of this post is…interesting wall colours! Look how they are different in every picture. S is really conservative when it comes to colours to use on her walls. Once, an unusual adventurous streak took over and she did one wall in blue…only it didn’t quite turn out like how she wanted it to be. Now it is a safe shade of cream, which I think she might get bored of soon.

Melissa and Sophie will really dig that shade of purple I think. And is that Tiffany blue I spy?



I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I love windows that open bottom up! And will you just check out the kitty pillow. I’m officially jealous.


Since I’m on the topic of what I want, THIS cushy looking chair is right on top of my list. It’s time to make eyes at J so that he’ll find one for Arthur and me to share. We think the colour, texture and volume makes it look so very luxe. Also, check out the colour of the lower walls!


S would like me to draw your attention to the row of bottles in the background. She has this crazy obession when it comes to glass bottles, especially old vintage looking ones. Last year, J and S chanced upon a dusty dingy little corner shop that sold bottles. In all shapes and sizes. S was sad because she liked so many of them but they were impractical to pack and would only add to the stress of travelling.


I think Stewie is a might handsome Cat, don’t you? Shhh, don’t tell Arthur.