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Lovely Luna

April 16, 2009

Me wants rubber duckie

April 16, 2009

See my facial expression? I KNOW what’s gonna happen…


Actually I don’t even fuss that much nowadays. It doesn’t really bother me, but because I am a stubborn boy who must object on principle, I usually make my point by sitting at the same spot and meowing my lungs out as I am shampoo-ed and rinsed.

Maybe a rubber duckie would help. Artemis has one!


The aftermath. Now this is the REAL reason why I don’t like baths. Grooming is already an annoying effort for me on a usual day. And contrary to Human belief, it’s not because I am lazy. I’m a boy! I don’t need to preen.


Sigh. And I’m forced to do leg-raises.

Shall take a break after all that grueling exercise and snoop around in the laundry.


Almost done! Finally less surly and more willing to say cheese at the camera.


And done. Don’t I look a white, soft, fluffy picture. I tend to get more hugs after my baths.


My white state doesn’t really last very long though. More on that soon!