My daily work out

There is nothing better than a fast circuit training around the room. Any room will do fine. Better yet would be around the entire house.

First, start off from something soft.


It is also more exciting to incorporate some vertical elements.



Finally, the key is to move QUICKLY.




Do 5 repetitions of the above.

Cool down. Sit up and straighten your spine, yoga style. Make sure every part of your body is pulled up towards the sky. Don’t forget your ears!


Ahh. Now relax.



3 Responses to “My daily work out”

  1. mel Says:

    oh my gosh. that really looks super yoga!

  2. photographer Says:

    amazing – how u put them into sequence. (:
    amusing – watching her (twas quite entertaining).

    p.s. in the first one it was the moment when she just pounced on my hand. [enticed her by bobbing it up n down under the duvet. (:]

  3. dumbdolly Says:

    haha ya she likes catching bed mice!

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