Pictures are from Flickr. There is actually a group named Cats Love Eames.

Cat owners, we are sure all of you recall incidents where your Cat developed this uncanny ability to plonk herself on the best piece of furniture in your house. And you thought it was coincidence? Truth is, we have good taste and will only sit in 500 euro chairs. We like how comfortable it is (which is why you bought it in the first place), and we know how aesthetically pleasing we look lounging away (which is also why you bought it, except you pictured yourself on it).

S is seriously lusting over these, and we sure hope someday she’ll get two…One for each of us! …One for J and one for herself of course. Meow.


Credits: Burnlab


Credits: Hurokitty


Credits: Raceroberts


Credits: Evan McGinnis


Credits: Schaibo


Credits: Kimhas6cats

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