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Colours galore!

March 14, 2009

We found a couple more amazing shots and are too excited to wait for a week to share!

The explosion of bold colours by Steve Giralt is amazingly well executed. We especially like the vintage cabinet and the patterned bedsheets! Everything, down to the lovely white cat, brings to mind Arabian nights. 


This next piece is by Trevor Dixon. Love how the bold blues and reds set off the soft light and blue stenciled walls. The bed frame made for a mosquito net is also a very nice touch. Everything says subtle on its own but the bright pops of colour gives a really special touch. 


And last but not least, elevated cat house by Bob and Frances from San Diego! The obvious fun factor aside, we enjoy the eclectic mix of sweet colours. This has to be the stuff of every little cat’s dream!


Cat house

March 14, 2009

Hello all!

Both of us have decided to do a weekly interior design post. We will be scouring the web for beautiful homes and furniture that we sure wouldn’t mind giving up some kibbles for!  

First up is this gorgeous house we spy on We really love the clean lines and colours, and how well the cat stuff fits so seamlessly with the human stuff! It’s really quite amazing. 


Sharon and Jamin are very partial to whites, with browns to add contrast and depth. Lucky for them, they’ve got us instead of  Woofs (although Sharon do so love goldens and yellow labradors). We are the perfect housemates for beautiful homes, because we do know how to keep it in a pristine and perfect condition. 



Arthur: Once I get the map of everything in my head, I think I will really enjoy scuttering along the beams.

Luna: I’m not a fan of heights, but the lower steps do look like fun. Also, I think I will look pretty among the furniture.  Don’t judge me, I’m a girl after all.

I have developed prominent cheeks

March 14, 2009