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Milk craving

March 4, 2009


That is the kitchen door. I’m making my best “Can I have milk please?” face. These days I’m only getting it once every two days instead of daily because the supply is running low! The idea is to make it last until Jamin’s parents come back with more bottles from London. I keep telling everyone it’s okay, just let me have everything now. I promise I won’t beg for more when it runs out. Really.


Sharon didn’t buy it. She thinks if I finish everything, I’ll be complaining everyday for one whole week instead of once every two days. See how bummed out I look =(

What big eyes you have

March 4, 2009

Just to give an idea of what my furniture looks like. The crate is actually not my bed, but Jamin leaves it open so that I’ll get used to it and not make a fuss when it comes to transporting me around.

The litter track mat is one of the best kitty innovations! It removes the little grains from my paws after I use the potty. 


Slowly shedding the baby cat look. More rounded head, rounded whisker pads, rounded eyes. My eyes are turning a deeper orange everyday.


This crate is still really roomy for me, but in the future I’m going to swap crates with Arthur. He now has the big one but it doesn’t look like he will ever grow into it. He is a small cat.