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Sleeping Beauty wakes up

February 3, 2009

Sharon and Jamin were getting slightly worried because I have been so good for the past few days. So last night at 11pm, I finally decided to reveal my true self! 

With a fishing pole toy from Selfridges.

I thought Jamin stole my mouse, hence the indignant meow. 

Jamin doesn’t have school again today due to the snow. It makes me happy to have constant company around the house! I am also eating very well, and often beg for food. 


I often charge over to the food bowl the minute it touches the ground. In my haste, I accidentally left my tail in the water bowl and only realised it (to my greatest horror) awhile later.

Tis my chair

February 3, 2009

Trying to make it very clear that this chair is mine…


Let’s give it a few roll-abouts for good measure…


Ah. Now I can go to sleep. 


Daddy and I

February 3, 2009

Arthur at 3 months.



And this is me now, also about 3 months old.