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Absolute balderdash!

February 2, 2009

When I’m not following Jamin around, I’m following the Balderdash box.

Remember how it used to be under the coffee table?


Now it is on the window ledge. 


See the snow? I was very fascinated…never saw anything like that! Jamin’s school is cancelled due to the heavy snow (6 inches of it!) so he gets to stay home with me the whole of today. Hehe. I like following him around the house. I hope it continues snowing!


p/s. I fell asleep on the window sill and missed a red-breasted robin =(

High-pitch mew!

February 2, 2009

The whole purpose of this video is really the mew at the start. I like to talk, so it’s good that everyone likes my voice!

And this is how I look right before I topple headlong into Jamin’s lap, hindlegs kicking and butt in the air. 


Do you like my new collar? Everyone says I look pretty in it but I don’t fancy it that much yet.

Making friends with new toy–slow motion

February 2, 2009








Those of you with feline friends at home, this tail tickler is really effective. Two of these cost $2.90 only! Sharon kept one in the drawer first so that I won’t wear out both at the same time. I’m actually pretty economical with my toys, so maybe Luna can have the one with the pink stick.