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Luna the vespa

February 1, 2009

I sound like I ate an engine when I’m happy. Which is almost all the time actually.

Today I am officially naughty

February 1, 2009

Don’t let my looks deceive you! I play a mean game of bed mice in the mornings.


I am also really adept at stealing Jamin’s sofa.


Oh and his bedroom slippers too. It is my new wrestling partner. 


His bike helmet strap is particularly chewy. So are his plastic files. 


Tail tickler madness

February 1, 2009

The first five minutes…

An hour later…

Two and a half hours later…

Notice how the radio is on? That’s because it is Lunar New Year, and me scared of lion dance sounds =( On the first day it happened I had a great fright and ran away to hide.

Cat tree fun

February 1, 2009

Assessing the three different levels…


My favorite highest perch. Can’t quite fit anymore, but maybe if I continue trying…


Oh well I guess I can settle for the second rung.