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My hangout places

January 31, 2009

Let me introduce some of my favorite spots in the house to you.

1) Sofa arm rest.



2) J’s lap. In fact, I was a really good girl last night and slept peacefully on the bed throughout the night.




And yes, I am aware that the throw is almost the same colour as me.

3) Coffee table ledge.


S ordered a little bed for me and J is going to clear out the coffee table ledge and put the bed on it. It will be my day time snooze place.

I seem like I’m always sleeping, but that’s because I’m still a growing kitten! Everyone thinks I grew overnight. See, the sleeping does help.

It’s kungfu fighting

January 31, 2009

Had to be fast as lightning.

January 31, 2009



Here’s a close-up of what I do. Other things I did today–ate two small meals, pooped, furry mouse boxing, showed off my girly meow. I kind of figured out I can summon J with a meow. It is fun.

Sorry for the bad orange pictures. Better pictures tomorrow when J gets around to it! I have finished exploring the living room and now I’m off to colonize his bed now! Goodnight!

Bella Luna

January 31, 2009