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My family

January 16, 2009

Sharon finally got around to uploading my baby videos. 

This is me, grooming away!

Me and my practically identical lilac sister. I have 3 other lilac brothers, and 2 blue sisters. 

The really big blue guy is my daddy, Duke. 

And here is one of me and my sister with mommy, Sapphire. You can’t see it here, but mommy has really beautiful eyes. 

Exactly 2 more weeks before I finally get to go to my new home!

Nooooo pictures please!

January 16, 2009


Kelly and Adrian haven’t taken any pictures of me lately, so lest anyone forgets me, here’s one of my perfectly pink paw pads that Jamin took a long time ago.

Is my right ear bigger than my left?

January 16, 2009