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The room with a view

December 18, 2008


Check out how much I’ve grown! No longer the baby of the house. Kind of. Okay not really, I’m still very much a baby and I love attention.


I was really really angry at J today because he decided to give me a bath. Apparently both S and J are allergic to me when I’m not bathed frequently? What rubbish. Granted, the bath water did turn grey, but still! The picture above is an example of my naughty/angry ears.


And lastly, here’s a cute picture of me (or in S’s words: “This is Arthur being silly again”). I likey how the world looks like that.

Find Luna

December 18, 2008




Adrian and Kelly took some pictures of me. The thing is, I look exactly like the rest of my siblings, so S and J won’t be able to tell which one I am! Clue: I’m one of the five lilacs.

Don’t all of us look positively adorable? All same shape!