Hi everyone! I am Jamin’s Christmas + Birthday present. Actually, Jamin likes moggies, but Sharon decided to choose a pedigree British Shorthair (that’s me!) in the end because of my temperament, and also because no female moggie can be comparable to Diana.

This is me and my sister when we were about 3weeks old. I am part of a litter of 7, I have two Blue sisters, one Lilac sister (the one in most of my pictures), and three Lilac brothers. My eyes are still blue in most of these pictures. They will only start to turn copper when I am older.



pb180686Other than the fact that I am slightly bigger than my sister, we are kind of identical. Sharon couldn’t decide from the pictures the breeder sent (she said we all look like hamsters), so Jamin went to Birmingham yesterday to make the final decision. The pictures below are taken yesterday, when I am about 5 and half weeks old.


my-beautiful-beautiful-lunaI haven’t lost my grumpy kitten look yet! Jamin has decided to name me Luna (Sharon wanted to name me Muffin or some other food name), which means Moon. Kind of appropriate since I was born on Halloween. Also, in Roman mythology, Luna is one of the names of Artemis the Moon Goddess, and the Roman equivalent of Artemis is Diana.

I am still very small and young, so I can only go home to Jamin after 30 Jan next year, when I am 13-14weeks old.  My breed is known for getting along very well with other animals, so I think I will like Arthur very much. I am expecting him to love me too, after all, I will be better company than his favorite lousy furry mouse toy!

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