dsc00300Hi everyone! For all those concerned about me, I am getting on fine. For awhile after my beautiful companion Diana left, I was really really sad. I searched in corners for her in vain, and I even looked in Jamin’s pencil holder. Basically, I looked like that all day:

dsc00297I’ve since moved on fine, and I don’t pine or cry for her anymore. Which made everyone really relieved. Strangely, I didn’t blossom into an alpha cat, and I am still the baby I was 2months ago when i first got home.

I was really scared and insecure and wary for a couple of weeks and even the slightest sound made me cower. Now I am really brave and getting really good at hunting tiny furry (fake) mice.

dsc003111Everyone thinks I am looking more and more handsome, but Sharon thinks my head is still kind of small. I don’t particularly care, as long as I get my soft plushy corners in the house to lounge about in.

dsc00310Actually, I think perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective and camera angle. I look proportionate and un-pudgy in the above photo don’t I? I have also stopped eating as if every meal is my last, and I am also starting to develop a taste for Extremely Fresh Food. Other than that and drinking from the toilet bowl, I think I have been a really good kitten so far. Sharon tells Jamin that I have an Incredible Temperament. I don’t really know what that means, but as long as she rubs my chin and talk to me, I am really happy =)

p/s. Melissa says she wants to bring a Wiggly Dog called Sophie to make friends with me in January. I shall try my best to be brave, because I have never met a Dog before.

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